What the audience think…

Exciting, interesting, extraordinary – Something very different to anything I have been to before.

Incredibly moving, profound, ground-breaking – what an incredible venture!

Innovative, intriguing, lovely! – wonderful – and lovely that our daughter had the opportunity to be part of it.

Cracked Voices makes me think about the links between past and present, how life changes yet in some respects remains the same.

What others think…

The poems explore the lives of ordinary people down the ages, delving into Celtic mysticism, German POWs celebrating Hitler’s birthday at a nearby English camp, a migrant woman giving birth on the highway, to resonant evocations of a meeting between a local man and Charles Dickens…Jenni Pinnock’s settings are apt and seldom predictable, fresh-faced when required, more withdrawn and ambiguous when the poetry calls for greater shades of meaning. Music Web International

Two voices weave their songs between simple and spacious clarinet and piano… Palmer’s stories and poems truly bring these cracked voices to life; Jenni Pinnock’s compositions take them to another level. International Times

Not only intriguing gloriously quirky stories, but really personal. The Daffodil Perspective

Explores ‘new parameters of the song cycle…young composers like Pinnock are truly cultivating British voices and the future of British arts song.’ So You Want to Sing music by Women (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019) – Matthew Hoch/Linda Liste