Call for performers

Soprano, Baritone, Pianist and Clarinettist wanted for East Anglian song cycle – DEADLINE 30th JUNE 2017

Cracked Voices is a new song cycle by writer Graham Palmer and composer Jenni Pinnock. The songs will give voice to the lost tales and characters of the borderlands of North Hertfordshire – stories from the edge where it’s wise to tread carefully. For more information about the song cycle please see the project website – Our song cycle has been supported by Grants for the Arts and PRS Foundation, and has already received publicity in the local media.

We’re looking for four performers – story tellers-  to tell our tales. We need two vocalists- a soprano and a baritone – plus two instrumentalists, a pianist and a clarinettist (Bb and bass).

  • We’re looking for performers from the local area. The song cycle is focused on North Herts, South Cambridgeshire and East Beds. We are looking for performers from these and the surrounding areas – East Anglia and Essex.
  • Involvement levels for all performers: two rehearsals (a morning/afternoon in length), a studio recording, concerts in March and April 2018 (with rehearsals attached).
  • Opportunity for two performers to be involved at the final stage of educational workshops to perform student works (written in the workshops)
  • Material to be performed: the song cycle (c.45 mins, including some incidental music). Pieces written in educational workshops may be performed in second concert; to lengthen the concerts there may be the opportunity for performers to suggest and help programme other works (potentially in first concert).
  • Pay will be based on MU rates when the project funding was obtained. Travel expenses will also be available.
  • Performers who are shortlisted will be able to see drafts of the pieces in progress.
  • There will be a few brief lines of narration between numbers, which we will ask performers to recite (possibly just the vocalists).

The rehearsal process will begin in October/November 2017, and the second performance will be in April 2018. The first rehearsal will happen when the song cycle is fully drafted but not finalised – so this is your chance to input on a new work!

Application process: Please submit a CV (including list of recent performances) –  and an example of you performing (audio or video) to (audio/video can be attached to the email, a file sending service or sent as links to Soundcloud/Youtube/similar sites). A shortlist will be drawn up from there. There will be no formal auditions, but an informal interview (phone/Skype/perhaps in person!) may be requested.

For more information please get in touch with . The deadline for applications is the 30th June.